Chef Philip made the best meal of our vacation in Bonaire. He and his assistant are very warm people who work together to make great food and unforgettable nights. Placing one's request in for what dishes to cook is simple and easy; then, when the time of dining comes, you can sit back and unwind while Phillip works his culinary magic in your kitchen.

Added: February 25, 2018

Philip was again a delight to have cook for the 10 of us. This was our third trip to Bonaire and we have used Philips services all three times without any regrets. Fresh fished cooked to perfection with his secrets sauces is our happy place. The highlight this time was the Perfect Chocolate cake, it was indeed perfect!

Thanks again Philip!

Added: February 20, 2018

Philip and Yolanda took care of our fantastic dinner @ EEG 227.
The courses were extraordinary prepared and served with a smile.
It was a great pleasure to have this dining experience in such a fantastic house.
Thanks again for the wonderful evening.


Added: February 18, 2018

Phillip prepared a fabulous 4 course dinner for us!
It was so relaxing to dine in with delicious, creative food and
a fabulous setting & service by Anna.
We would highly recommend them!

Added: February 14, 2018

Chef Philip cooked a delicious dinner for my boyfriend and me! He arrived on time with his lovely assistant, Yolanda. They took care of everything - from the Caribbean decor on our patio table overlooking the sunset, to the sharp attention to detail in all 4 course preparations. The presentations were perfect! His wine selections were delicious as well! He was professional yet personable - explaining each dish as it was served, ensuring we were satisfied. We would highly recommend Chef Philip and hope you get to enjoy a truly wonderful culinary experience!

Added: February 14, 2018

Philip served us the most incredible dinner. He and his team were extremely friendly and professional. Our food was superb, and definitely one of the best meals we had on the island (if not the best!) The table was decorated beautifully for us, the presentation of each course was amazing, and Philip added a personal touch to our evening that will not be forgotten. Thank you Philip!!

Added: February 9, 2018

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Added: February 2, 2018

This is to announce that since 4th October 2017 we no longer have a TRIPADVISOR page due to some strict rules about being a restaurant or not. You will find some guest reviews which have been posted on TRIPADVISOR before and were copied to this website. They are all genuine reviews written by many of our guests.

Hope to see you soon at your dinner table on Bonaire.


Added: October 4, 2017

I cant even begin to describe the experience that Philip provided us for our wedding dinner. While the food was some of the best we have ever had, the service and personal touch him and his staff provided, made us feel like we were home even though we were thousands of miles away. We gave him an impossible list of allergies yet we were still given the most amazing dinner that we could eat and enjoy. Our only regret was that we didn't book a second dinner. We would recommend Philip's cooking to anyone who asked. We will be back and we will be sing his services again.

Added: August 31, 2017

Pfff, this Philip-guy is annoying. We try and try to catch him with mistakes, flaws, defects, blemishes, faults, imperfections, deficiencies, weaknesses, inadequacies, shortcomings, limitations or fails....but he is something. And we really, really test him. First at our house on many different occasions with higher and higher demands. He passed the test. We even clogged the sink drain and closed the gas-tank to test him....he doesn't even blink. But this weekend we had him! We asked him for our Christmas-party at work. And we have some characters working with us!! Philip felt the heat, he even brought Suze, his wife. This had to go wrong and we would be there!!!!... but no. Again, the best experience you can wish for. I will never give up and keep on testing him, but I cannot do this alone. Please join my team and put Philip to the ultimate test. Make a booking today and make him sweat. This all is too perfect! We need to catch him with at least one mistake yet?

Added: December 19, 2016